Join the 1919 Club
What is the 1919 Club?
The 1919 Club is a special group of museum donors who want to support the programs and operation of the museum with their $19 monthly donation.  Your $19 donation combined with other 1919 Club members ensures the museum's future and continuation of programs like "Remembering Our Heroes" school days, living history and patriotic programs.
Who can join the 1919 Club?
Everyone is invited to show their support of the the museum by joining the 1919 Club.
What is the significance of 1919?
World War I ended and on July 4th, 1919 3,300 officers and soldiers of the 6th Cavalry arrived at Fort Oglethorpe.  The regiment was permanently stationed here until Feb. 16, 1942 when they departed for Camp Blanding, FL to prepare for World War II.
How do I join the 1919 Club?
Simply follow the link to Pay Pal or click on the button below. It will redirect you to a Pay Pal page where you can join the 1919 Club. 
Maybe you'd rather make a monthly contribution of a different amount. We have other options available for you. 
If you would rather make a one time donation, please make your donation through our online store