6th U.S. Cavalry Association

6th U.S. Cavalry Commander – Ken Fields

I am introducing myself as the new Commander (Acting) of your 6th U. S. Cavalry Association. Bob Fisak, the immediate past commander, has some health problems which led to the Board of Trustees appointing me, the vice commander, as the acting Commander until our 2016 annual meeting on October 22, 2016. At that time the membership will have the opportunity of confirming me as the Commander or selecting a new commander.

By way of background, I served in the 6th Armored Cavalry Regiment from 1968 to 1970 as a platoon leader in A Troop and Squadron Maintenance Officer, 1st Squadron. I was commissioned as a regular army officer in the Armor branch as a Distinguished Military Graduate from the University of Kentucky. I resigned my Regular Army commission after a tour in Viet Nam to attend law school and accepted a commission in the U.S. Army Reserve from which I retired as a Colonel in 2003. I am a life member of the 6th U. S. Cavalry Association and the U. S. Army Ranger Association.

My civilian career has been in the legal profession which includes service as a federal prosecutor with the U. S. Department of Justice, private practice and as a Superior Court Judge of Arizona from 1989 to 2007. Although not a military lawyer, I served as a Military Judge for the National Guard of Arizona until 2015. I also was instrumental in establishing veteran’s courts in Arizona state courts and U.S. District Courts in Arizona. From 2009 to 2016, I served on the Board of Directors of US Vets, Inc., a national organization dedicated to serving homeless veterans. This included serving as vice chairman of the Board of Directors.

A newsletter will be mailed to the members that we have mailing addresses for. Please e-mail chris@6thcavalrymuseum.com with your current e-mail address so that you will receive the 6th Cavalry Museum and Cavalry Association monthly E-newsletter. I can be reached at kfields@fields-mediation.com with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you have.


Preamble from 1939 Veteran’s Association booklet

The Veterans Association - 6th U.S. Cavalry is a non-profit, non-sectarian fraternity, organized to perpetuate the memories and comradeship born of the days in the saddle, and lest we forget; that warm affection between the Trooper and his faithful friend - The Horse.

Today we are prompted to swing about, and with a solid front move forward dedicating our efforts to the welfare of the men returning to civil life from the 6th Cavalry, creating for them a patriotic environment where they may meet old friends and kick up the dust, from “Rookie” days in the cavalry barracks, to the picket line stretched on belligerent territory. This, we feel is a sacred duty we owe to both, the comrade and the United States of America.

One great attraction to service men beyond the Reservation gate is the REGIMENTAL FRATERNITY, one chartered under the insignia of the regiment of service with the Colors, one that offers social and convivial contact in civil life. This, comrade, is THAT fraternity. If you served in the “Sixth” we invite you to join us in preserving the ideals and traditions of our beloved regiment; - THE 6th U.S. CAVALRY.

Membership in the 6th U.S. Cavalry Association is open to any member or family descendant. Lifetime dues $250, Annual dues $25.

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photos by Kymberly L. Thomas